Product Lines

Our primary focus is to represent composite products for the marine and marina construction industry. Of course pressure treated wood continues to be used but newer materials may offer a better return on overall investment.


ThruFlow Deck Panels

Wood has a short lifetime.  Deck boards of docks and piers,  and inclines and ramps (wood can be very slippery especially when wet).

Our ThruFlow™ decking product solves a number of problems, by offering very long life even in sunny UV climates such as Florida and the Caribbean.  In addition ThruFlow™ has molded-in anti-slip texture that has been qualified by one standard for human traffic up to 30 degree inclines.  In some areas it is desirable or regulated to let light penetrate though the decking to the water for aquatic vegetation or to prevent shadowed areas for predator fish.  Allowing storm surges to rise though the slots in ThruFlow™ greatly reduces upward forces on the dock and improves storm survivability of the Marina.

Jet Filter Family Photo

JetFilters 2.5 to 6 Inch


If you have a seawall you can reduce the pressure behind the wall by installing these filtered weep hole hydrostatic reliefs.  This will reduce the stresses on your seawall, bulkhead, or bridge abutments.

They may be specified for new engineered seawalls or as a retro-fit improvement to your seawall.  These hydrostatic relief (also called weep hole) components are increasingly used for DOT ( Department of Transportation ) applications and are offered in sizes up to 6 inch diameters.


Sea Wall Concrete Form

Sea Wall Concrete Form

Dee Concrete manufactures casting forms for concrete Seawalls, and Jacks for seawall caps save the contractor from building these from wood job after job.  Also Dee manufactures forms for casting your own concrete sheet piles.

Seawalls are constructed from composite materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, but also steel and concrete.  The contractor or a specialty manufacturer can make their own concrete seawall piles using the Dee Concrete reusable forms.  The forms themselves are made of steel, so they will take a beating job after job.